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How does that actually work in a competition?
Type of competitions
At the Border Collie Club Netherlands there are two different types of competitions, namely
the promotion class and the qualification class.
At the Dutch Sheep Dog Society there are 3 different types of competitions, namely
the Nursery class, Novice class and the Open class.
No starting license is required to run a game at the DSDS.
One can register for all classes if the dog and handler are ready.
Class 1, class 1.5 and sometimes class 2 competitions are often organized in the country by private individuals.
No starting license is required for these competitions .
In a class 1 race you can walk in the twelve o'clock position.
In a class 1.5 competition you can usually walk alongside the dog.
In a class 2 competition, one usually has to stand by the pole.
Competitions at the BCCN.
To be allowed to start in the promotion class, a starting license is required.
To obtain a starting license, the dog must be able to make an outrun of at least 200 meters, a drive left and right, and be able to separate and pin.
On the 6 promotion and 6 qualifying class competitions the 
starting licenses taken by the jury and a handler from the qualification class.
The dates of these competitions can be found here.
The Border Collie Club has an extensive explanation of the running on its site. Click here to read the article.