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Learn to drive sheep.

Do you want to learn how to drive sheep with your border collie or get stuck in your training while driving sheep and are you looking for help or advice, that is now also possible at the Sheepdogcenter! Jetty Roos will start giving lessons on the fields of the Sheepdogcenter. For more information or to make an appointment you can send her a pb via Facebook.
Rent the Sheepdogcenter location.

From now on it is also possible to rent one of our fields per half hour for a fee to give sheep driving lessons. Because animal welfare is our top priority, the rental of our field and the sheep will be discussed with the management of the Sheepdogcenter. For more info send Jetty Roos a PB or send an email to:

Sniffing around.

Because we notice that there are regularly people who want to get acquainted with the sport
sheep herding and wanting to see if their dog is suitable for sheep herding Jessica and Jetty organize a sheep-sniffing-lesson day at the Sheepdogcenter every last Sunday of the month.
This sniffing lesson; is accessible for people and dogs who have not or hardly been in contact with sheep driving. Your dog must be at least 10 months old. During a sniffing lesson, the basic principle of a dog's float ink will be explained and we will experience in real life what your dog has in the field of herding.
The lessons take place by appointment and last approximately 30 minutes per dog. The cost per sniffelles is 15 euros including a cup of coffee or tea.
If there are insufficient registrations, the sheep sniffing lesson will continue for a month. If this situation continues, you will be informed about this on time.
If you want to sign up for the sheep sniffing lesson, send via Facebook and a personal message to "SanderjessicaWiemans"

Place for new members.

There is room again for new members!