Sheepdogcenter -
The membership costs 60 euros per month including a dog. For each additional dog 5 euros will be charged.
A family member receives a discount and pays 30 euros per month, also including a dog.

First, every asprirant member should be able to understand the basic principles, such as walking at twelve o'clock position (balance), commanding, left and right and a small outrun.

If you are not yet able to do this, there is the possibility to take lessons before you become a member of the Sheepdogcenter. Various trainers are active within the Sheepdogcenter.

As soon as the handler and dog have mastered this and they can independently put the sheep in the pen and remove a pair of training sheep from the pen, they are given the key that gives access to the training fields and the shack.

 At the moment we have a few places available for starting and advanced handlers. Send an email with your details and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Each member is expected to adhere to the rules established by the Sheepdog Center.

The bank account number of the Sheepdogcenter is 544521129.